– Peter Swank –

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the firm, McKenzie Forensic Auditors Inc., and Nathaniel McKenzie, individually, as a forensic accounting and litigation support specialist. I recently hired Mr. McKenzie on a very complicated case involving a construction company and a related development company that was a partnership. My client was a partner in the development and he had made a substantial investment in this development. My client was trying to get an accounting for the development in order to recover his investment. The financial statements provided to us by the defendant showed a large loss. We hired McKenzie Forensic Auditors Inc. to examine the financial statements.
First, my client and I were very impressed in our initial meeting with Nathaniel. Immediately, he was able to decipher the financial statements and point out potential problems and conflicts. He also developed a game plan for investigating the financial statements and a list of items that we would need to subpoena for the investigation.
Upon receiving the information, Nathaniel quickly analyzed the financial statements and found co-mingling of assets and large discrepancies in the financial statements. As he went through to the defendant’s personal financial statements and individual tax returns, he determined, by performing indirect procedures, that the tax returns showed significantly understated income. Finally, he created a financial model to project the profitability of the development, based upon different sales prices of the lots. This model, along with Nathaniel’s affidavit, helped settle the case very favorably for my client. I was extremely pleased with the service that McKenzie Forensic Auditors provided and plan to use their services again in the future.